Wood Post-Frame Buildings

Custom built with pride and integrity...

C&D is a custom builder of wood post frame buildings and has been for years, completing so many buildings in NE Iowa that we couldn't even begin to count them. We have the tools, the cranes, and the aerial equipment to get the job completed with efficiency and quality.

    C&D has built a reputation of high quality craftsmanship and not "cutting corners". When you walk into a C&D building you will notice it in the details, the construction, and the craftsmanship. Pay attention to the quality of framing materials. Look for the included steel structural x-banding that no other competitors include. Give a close look to the custom doors, robust hardware, and the ease that doors slide on their track. Even chalk line marks on the siding is wiped clean. 

    C&D does not build under another company's name or reputation. We have been contacted by a number of "kit-companies" in that past with offers to build and endless number of their buildings, using their low-cost materials supplied from some far away area, using their cost-cutting construction methods sacrificing strength and durability for a few extra dollars in profits... and we have turned them away.

    C&D is a custom builder. That means that you get the building that you want with the doors, windows, floors, and all the options and finishes where you want and need them. What you don't get with C&D is a building where you are forced to settle with the limited options available in a "this is what you get" package. We build on a schedule that isn't based on "profit-margins" and dictated by a manager wearing a tie in a climate controlled office a few hundred miles away. C&D takes the time to do things right. When finished, you'll know that we have done our absolute best work when we put our C&D stamp on it, in stainless steel.

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